Downtown Peregrine News, June 28

Immature Downtown peregrine, nanotagged with MOTUS tracking, at USX Tower window on 19 June 2019 (photo by Jason Walkowski)

A lot has happened in the Downtown peregrine family since I left for vacation on June 12. Here’s a summary of the last 17 days with photos from Jason Walkowski, Maria Ochoa, Lori Maggio, and John English.

There were five nestlings at the Third Avenue nest and at least five rescues.

  1. June 8: Rescue from Third Ave.
  2. June 9: Rescue after found standing on a car roof on the Boulevard of the Allies.
  3. June 10: Rescue at 304 Wood Street. The PA Game Commission banded and nanotagged this bird for MOTUS tracking.
  4. June 12: Rescue from a Point Park shuttle bus shelter.
  5. June 12: Second in one day! Rescue from Dollar Bank front steps on Fourth Ave during evening rush hour.

All of this activity kept the rescue porch very busy. Below, Louie reflects from the rescue porch railing outside Maria Ochoa’s apartment on June 11 …

Louie reflects at the Rescue Porch, 11 June 2019 (photo by Maria Ochoa)

… while Dori bypasses loud whining from one of the fledglings.

Dori flies away from a whining fledgling at the Rescue Porch, 11 June 2019 (photo by Lori Maggio)

On June 12 this bird was a candidate for the fifth rescue, having chosen a lousy place to perch on the Dollar Bank roof.

Candidate for later rescue at Dollar Bank, 12 June 2019 (photo by John English)

Within a week the young peregrines were flying well. On June 14 Lori Maggio watched a low-perched youngster fly up to a much better location. On June 19 Jason Walkowski photographed the nanotagged bird outside his window on the 31st floor at USX Tower (photo at top).

Youngster lands on the Engineering Building, much higher than his previous perch, 14 June 2019 (photo by Lori Maggio)

Lori Maggio found the nanotagged bird on June 20, perched with a sibling high above Third Avenue.

Two youngsters perch high above the old nest, 20 June 2019 (photo by Lori Maggio)

Dori is now teaching the youngsters how to hunt. Her mate Louie, age 17, was found dead on June 27. He was very, very old for a wild peregrine and outlived his mother Dorothy by 1.5 years. I’ll post a tribute blog for Louie in the coming days.

Louie at Lawrence Hall, 20 May 2019 (photo by Lori Maggio)

For now the Fledge Watchers are breathing a sigh of relief. The Downtown peregrine “kids” are airborne on their way. Whew!

(photos by Jason Walkowski, Maria Ochoa, Lori Maggio and John English)

16 thoughts on “Downtown Peregrine News, June 28

  1. I’m so sorry to hear about Louie but glad he was found so he can be laid to rest. He lived a good, long and very productive falcon life and I enjoyed watching him on the web cam back at the old nest. Fly free Louie.

  2. Oh no! This is terrible to read that Louie has passed. He lived a long and wonderful life, producing many youngsters. Louie, you will be missed but your line will live on for many years to come.

    1. I don’t know how he died but there is no doubt that he was very old. It could have been anything related to old age.

  3. I am typing through tears right now. Happy tears for 5 babies that are amazing and tears of profound sadness for Louie. I hope that he passed peacefully. He will be missed:(

    1. So sad to hear this. Louie and Dori were my favorite couple. I looked forward every year in hope of watching them raise another family together at the Gulf tower. He was such a good dad and provider. He will be missed.

  4. Thanks for the updates Kate, lots going on with five fledglings. Looking forward to the post about Louie (I had a dog named Louie back in the day). R.I.P. to both Louies.
    Thanks for all you do!

  5. Oh, Kate….dear, sweet, Louie. He was quite the old gentleman. I am happy to have “known” him and followed him and Dori. I am also very happy for your 2019 “kids” too. Rochester learned of the death of their only female fledge this year, Donna. It is a sad time. …. I look forward to your tribute to Louie. Take care, Kate.

  6. Glad to have you back Kate. At least Louie was found( where ?)and we won’t have to wonder where he is! That leaves lots of ?s for next year with Dori.. we will have a lot to watch for…

  7. My favorite Louie moments were in 2010 when Dori took Tasha’s place, after Tasha had laid two eggs. You documented very well what followed as we watchers wondered what would happen next. What I found remarkable about Louie was that, not only did he incubate Tasha’s eggs by himself until Dori stepped in, he also put them back in the scrape with Dori’s eggs every time she pushed them out. He was determined that they would have a chance at survival. He was my hero.

  8. Very sad that Louie is gone. Even after the longest life, there’s always the wish for next year. I wish Dori all the best as she continues to train and provide for a large clutch of youngsters.

  9. I am glad that Louie lived to see his children fledge. Being old plus the stress of feeding five young ones must’ve been difficult for him. RIP Louie.

  10. Sorry to hear about Louie. I’m glad he made it through hatching and nestling season. Is there a family tree of the Pittsburgh peregrines? I thought I saw one once but can’t find it now.

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