4 thoughts on “I Love Pixels

    1. John Morgan, I don’t take pictures of anything except plants. 99.9% of the bird photos you see on this blog are by someone else. The photographers have either used Creative Commons licenses or have given me permission to use their copyrighted photos. Please read the captions. They identify the photographers!

    2. I do read the captions. I do know which photos are yours. I guess I have to be more specific. Did you take the photo of “Scarlet pimpernel blooming in Pittsburgh, 9 June 2019 (photo by Kate St. John)” with a camera OR a phone.

    3. Ooops. Sorry I was confused.
      Yes, I took the scarlet pimpernel photo with my cellphone. It’s a Google Pixel 3. Isn’t it amazing how far camera technology has come!
      p.s. I just now realized it is probably called a Pixel for this reason.

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