Eagles vs Drones? Golden Eagles Win

Golden eagle captures a drone in midair in France (screenshot from AFP video)

In 2015, when drones flew over sensitive urban spaces in France, the government passed new laws to restrict the airspace. However some places are so sensitive that rogue drones must be removed if they attempt a flyover. How can they be downed in mid-air without hurting anyone? The French military came up with an effective solution.

In 2016 France’s Army Air Force began a falconry program with four golden eagle chicks, named for the four Musketeers. Golden eagles are the only bird large enough to safely bring down a 4.5 to 9 pound drone (2-4 kilograms). The eagles were trained to view drones as prey and learned to catch them in mid air.

The eagles did so well that the Air Force made plans to add four more eagles the following year.

Click here or on the screenshots to watch a 2017 video of the eagles in training.

Golden eagle on glove in France (screenshot from AFP video)

Gold eagles versus drones? The eagles win!

(screenshots from AFP News video on YouTube; click here to watch the video)

4 thoughts on “Eagles vs Drones? Golden Eagles Win

  1. Go Eagles!!! Great to hear that some natural things still surpass technology. Thanks again, Kate, for your ever fascinating blog! You start my day off right every day.

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