Support the National Aviary FalconCam!

Morela hopes you’ll support the National Aviary & the falconcam

15 December 2020

If you enjoy watching the National Aviary’s peregrine falconcam at the Cathedral of Learning please donate toward its support!

The COVID-19 pandemic has ranged from difficult to devastating for every public venue in the U.S. including the National Aviary. The Aviary relies on visitors for much of its income but visitors are few and far between during the pandemic and sometimes — as is happening now until January 4 — the Aviary must close because of COVID-19 restrictions. They care for their birds even while money is tight. The streaming falconcam feels like a luxury.

Now is the perfect time to make your gift because an anonymous donor is matching every dollar donated through January 2021, up to $100,000! Your donation will be doubled!

Put a smile on Morela’s face.

Support the National Aviary and the peregrine falconcam. Click here to donate.

Thank you in advance for your support.

(photo of Morela from the National Aviary falconcam at the Cathedral of Learning with Santa hat courtesy of John English)

p.s. To specifically mention the falconcam in your donation you can check mark “Give in Honor of…” on the donation screen and write in the Pitt peregrine falconcam.

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