Chimney Swifts Are Back In Town

Chimney swifts illustration from Crossley ID Guide to Eastern Birds via Wikimedia Commons

29 April 2021

Yesterday a small flock of chimney swifts (Chaetura pelagica) returned to my city neighborhood and swirled to roost in the Cathedral Mansions chimney.

Though there were only 11 birds, these “cigars with wings” were the leading edge of the huge flocks heading north. Those who nest in Pittsburgh will pair up quickly and start building nests in early May.

How do chimney swifts court and build nests? Check out these Fun Facts About Cigars With Wings.

Chimney swift in hand at banding (photo from Wikimedia Commons)

2 thoughts on “Chimney Swifts Are Back In Town

  1. What a cool photo of a chimney swift. It’s a novel view being that they are always on the move and usually way up above. I love their chirpy vocalizations keeping me company as I walk during lunchtime.

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