The Most Beautiful Song

Wood thrush singing (photo by Shawn Collins)

13 June 2021

Right now Schenley Park is full of singing wood thrushes. In recent days I’ve counted a dozen every time I walk the trails.

On Friday morning, 11 June, this wood thrush sang his heart out at the Bartlett end of Panther Hollow. It’s the most beautiful song in Schenley Park.

Get outdoors now to hear the wood thrushes. They will stop singing in July.

(photo by Shawn Collins, recording by Kate St. John)

5 thoughts on “The Most Beautiful Song

  1. Once, at Roaring Run, my father introduced me to the song of the wood thrush. It not only had the rising-pitch phrase you posted, but also included a falling-pitch arpeggio afterwards, every time it sang. I have not heard this since. Have you ever heard this? If so, is it the same bird? Lovely photo and song clip.

  2. We were so lucky to see one on her nest, somewhat close to the trail we were on last week at Crouse Run.

  3. Yes, they are my favorite to listen to (that I can positively identify that is)! They make my morning jogs through the park feel so magical. I didn’t know they’ll stop singing soon so I better enjoy them while it lasts. I hear them a lot at Frick too but I feel like Schenley has more.

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