What do Ospreys have in common with Golden Retrievers?

Golden retriever at the beach (photo from Wikimedia Commons)

31 August 2021

When dogs get wet they shake it off.

So do ospreys.

It’s a bit trickier to shake off in the air.

(photo from Wikimedia Commons, video embedded from YouTube, tweet embedded from @marktakesphoto)

1 thought on “What do Ospreys have in common with Golden Retrievers?

  1. We have an osprey who comes carrying large twigs every few days to to roof of a dilapidated boathouse next door. I assume it’s a male because it seems to simulate the beginnings of making a nest, as if he’s hoping to lure a female to see what a great spot he has. He never actually tries to construct a nest, just piles a twig or two on top of each other, and this has been going on for months. Maybe next season we’ll see a family there, if he gets lucky.

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