Appreciating Crows

American crow in Castle Shannon, Pittsburgh (photo by Christopher Bailey via Wikimedia Commons)

21 November 2021

Pittsburgh’s winter crow flock has been avoiding my North Oakland neighborhood for three weeks now and I miss them. When I see them in the late afternoon, if I see them at all, they are flying very high in a steady stream. Where are going? Does anyone know?

The only crows I see are too few or too high for me to appreciate their raucous calls and aerial antics so I enjoyed them this recent video from #LesleytheBirdNerd. Listen to a crow Meow!

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If you know where Pittsburgh’s crows are roosting (spending the night), please leave a comment below. I’d love to find them.

(photo from Wikimedia Commons; click on the caption to see the original)

4 thoughts on “Appreciating Crows

  1. Also, where have the robins gone? I have not seen any in Shadyside since the dry spell. I miss the one who was a regular going for mealworms on the back porch.

    1. A new washer of robins is migrating through. I saw 25 robins at Frick Park this morning and 60 yesterday at Schenley.

  2. Oh, I see them congregating in my South Oakland neighborhood every evening! There’s a large vacant lot behind our house with plenty of trees – this seems to be their staging area. Ward Street between Frazier Street and Oakland Court where I live. Map:

    The crows seem to use this as their staging area, because they don’t stay. They fly in before sunset and perch in the trees, cawing loudly – I think they’re having a crow discussion about where to spend the night! After a while they head out, usually flying west toward Bates Street. I don’t know where they end up after that. I have seen them roosting in the trees above Robinson and Fifth Ave., but not during the recent construction on Robinson.

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