Scallops on the Move

Atlantic bay scallop shell (photo from Wikimedia Commons)

7 August 2022

Scallops travel by opening and closing their shells but the direction they move seems counterintuitive. They don’t lead with their hinges. Instead the open edge goes first as they use their eyes to guide themselves.

Scallops’ eyes look like bright beads at the shells’ front edge.

Slightly open live Atlantic bay scallop; eyes look like bright beads (photo from Wikimedia Commons)

Watch scallops on the move in this Twitter movie.

(photos from Wikimedia Commons; click on the captions to see the originals)

One thought on “Scallops on the Move

  1. Well those puppies can move can’t they. I had no idea. We just finished a 10 hay harvest season a week ago. It made going out to dinner pretty tasty!! Have a good week, Kate, and again, thanks for the lesson. 🙂

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