Winter Birds at the Beach

Sanderlings in December (photo from Wikimedia Commons)

3 January 2023

When we think of the beach in winter it sounds pretty bleak but not if you’re a birder. Shorebirds, sea ducks, loons and gulls leave the icy north to winter on the Atlantic and Pacific coasts where they hang out on beaches or just offshore, especially near jetties.

If you can’t travel far from Pennsylvania, visit the New Jersey shore to see thousands of wintering birds. GetToKnowNature describes what you’ll see in her video “Welcome to the beach in winter.” Click here or on the screenshot below to see it on Instagram (you don’t need an account to see it) or here for YouTube.

Screenshot from GetToKnowNature winter beach video on Instagram

(photo from Wikimedia Commons, screenshot from GetToKnowNature video on Instagram)

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