Beavers on Video, Castor Up Close

Beaver swimming in Saskatoon, summer 2022 (photo from Mike’s Photos and Videos of Beavers)

5 March 2023

Since January I haven’t heard anything about the beaver in Frick Park but I’ve been watching beavers up close at Mike’s Photos and Videos of Beavers (@MDigout99).

Mike lives in Saskatoon, Canada where beavers (Castor canadensis) are more common than they are in Pittsburgh. Mike photographed seven at once last spring.

Seven beavers and one Canada goose in Saskatoon, spring 2022 (photo from Mike’s Photos and Videos of Beavers)

He’s able to get close for photos and videos because he’s patient, non-threatening, and willing to lie on his belly to get a good shot.

Twitter home of @MDigout99

His persistence pays off. Watch this beaver eat a tree (3 minutes).

He also documents their behavior. For instance, how long does it take a beaver to break into an unfastened tree fence? See below.

Check out his daily photos and videos at @MDigout99 on Twitter. Click here for his videos on YouTube.

(photos and videos from Mike’s Photos and Videos of Beavers, @MDigout99)

One thought on “Beavers on Video, Castor Up Close

  1. Have seen no evidence of beaver activity in Frick Park on Nine Mile Run Trail. However, recent activity (March 06) two places along Monongahela River both up and down stream from Duck Hollow. Area near Glen Hazel has at least 7 downed trees.

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