Un-natural Observations

Dippy wearing a St. Patrick’s Day scarf at Carnegie Museum of Natural History, 15 March 2023 (photo by Kate St. John)

18 March 2023

Every Saturday I review my photos and pick a few nature observations to highlight but today, weirdly, I only have pictures of man-made objects. The lack of nature observations stumped me for several hours while I struggled to come up a good topic. Finally I gave up. Here’s what I saw.

Dippy, the statue of Diplodocus carnegii in front of the Carnegie Museum of Natural History, wears a special scarf for St. Patrick’s Day. He doesn’t actually mind the cold.

My husband and I see this water tower from our apartment but I had not seen it up close so I took a long walk *uphill* to visit what he and I affectionately call “The Doorknob.”

The Doorknob on the Hill at Robert E Williams Memorial Park (photo by Kate St. John)

Were there ghosts at Pitt’s Frick Fine Arts building on 9 March? What else could explain this Ghost Busters car in the parking lot at the maintenance entrance?

Next week I’ll make a big effort to snap photos of plants.

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