Brilliants, Emeralds and Nymphs

7 April 2023

The hummingbird family (Trochilidae) is one of the five largest on Earth(*) containing 363 species in 112 genera. Though many are named “hummingbird” most have fanciful names that reflect their beauty including brilliant, emerald, woodnymph, coronet and sunbeam.

While we wait for our own hummingbirds to return on migration, here’s another look at my WINGS birding trip to Mindo and the Northwest Andes (28 Jan – 5 Feb) with hummingbird photos and video by fellow travelers.

The photos at top are by Bob Black. The 16-minute video below is by Peter Haines (P.B. Child Birding). You’ll meet Peter’s dogs at the beginning.

video by P.B. Child Birding on YouTube

(*)p.s. Here’s where hummingbirds fit into the five largest bird families. Species counts are from Birds Of The World.

Family NameScientific nameWhere foundNumber of species
Tyrant FlycatchersTyrannidaeWestern Hemisphere441
Tanagers and AlliesThraupidaeWestern Hemisphere382
HummingbirdsTrochilidaeWestern Hemisphere363
Pigeons and DovesColumbidaeworldwide353
Old World FlycatchersMuscicapidaeEurasia and Africa345

(photos by Bob Black, video by P.B. Child Birding on YouTube)

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