Recognize Your Own Blue Jays

Blue jay (photo by Cris Hamilton)

10 May 2023

As humans we recognize each other by face, body shape and the way a person walks, but it’s rare that we can recognize individual birds. Birds move too fast to examine their faces and in most cases we don’t know what to look for. However if you can “hold them still” in photographs it’s possible to see patterns. This is especially true of your backyard birds that can be photographed over and over.

Blue jays all look the same … but not really. Their facial markings can be unique enough to tell them apart in photos. Lesley The Bird Nerd in Ontario, Canada has photographed her local blue jays for many years and learned to tell who’s who by face. Check out her 6.5 minute video below.

video embedded from Lesley The Bird Nerd

If you have a camera you can do this, too!

(photo by Cris Hamilton, video embedded from Lesley The Bird Nerd)

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