Count Wild Turkeys Now Through August

Wild turkey (photo by A. Drauglis via Flickr Creative Commons license)

Wild turkeys (Meleagris gallopavo) are declining statewide in Pennsylvania and the PA Game Commission is working to find out why.

Their wild turkey population study continues this year with PGC asking folks to count and report wild turkeys in PA from July 1 through August 31. Use this link to make your report

Last year’s article provides all the details at …

p.s. Wild turkeys have declined a lot in my patch with a complete absence of wild turkeys in Schenley Park for the past two years. I used to see as many as 8.

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4 thoughts on “Count Wild Turkeys Now Through August

  1. Does anyone still see wild turkeys at Chatham or along Bigelow Blvd above the strip district just before downtown? I enjoy your blog every day.

  2. Good timing on this article. I was sitting out on my balcony and saw 2 adults with 3 poults yesterday afternoon. They were just strutting around. I was too far away to tell what sex the adults were.I did report my sighting.

  3. The turkeys are all here in Castle Shannon. Several times over the past few weeks I have seen a hen with at least 9 little ones in my yard, there are often gangs of toms in my street, and I see groups that are probably last year’s babies, plus full-grown adults, all over the neighborhood, both males and females. One of my neighbors is known for yelling at them to get off her lawn, and they often hang out under my deck eating seeds spilled from my bird feeders and scratching up leaves looking for bugs.

    I also frequently see them right over the borough line in Bethel Green.

    Thank you for the reporting link – I’ll count and report starting today.

  4. This past weekend & a few days beyond, 5 turkey were across from my house in the early morning, daily. One fought its reflection in the chrome bumper of the neighbor’s truck for over an hour. The tom was puffed up, showing off, the first day I saw them. They let me get close, so I got a few good pics which helped to ID them for the report. Thanks for posting this!!

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