Tomorrow is International Owl Awareness Day

Great horned owl, Frick Park, April 2019 (photo by Steve Gosser)

3 August 2023

Every year August 4 is International Owl Awareness Day. Here are some owls to get you ready for tomorrow.

The three owls pictured here live in Pittsburgh’s city parks but are hard to find in August. The best time of year to see a great-horned owl, above, is in late winter or early spring. Steve Gosser photographed this one in Frick Park in April 2019.

Though barred owls have nested successfully in Frick Park, I didn’t see any this year. In July 2022 two youngsters ventured further from their parents at dusk, photographed by Charity Kheshgi.

Young barred owls, Frick Park, July 2022 (photo by Charity Kheshgi)

This roost on the main trail in Schenley Park was the best place to find an eastern screech-owl in winter, but it has not been used for several years. Nowadays listen for angry songbirds to tell you about the owls. They told me where to find a young eastern screech-owl in early June.

Eastern screech-owl, Schenley Park (photo by Benjamin Haake)
Eastern screech-owl, Schenley Park, March 2016 (photo by Benjamin Haake)

Last week I mentioned the Eurasian eagle-owl, Flaco, who lives in Central Park, NYC.

This video history describes Flaco’s early days after he escaped from his enclosure last winter. He’s been thriving ever since.

video by BrutAmerica embedded from YouTube

p.s. If you’re in Houston, Minnesota visit the International Owl Center for special programs tomorrow.

(photos by Steve Gosser, Charity Kheshgi and Benjamin Haake)

4 thoughts on “Tomorrow is International Owl Awareness Day

  1. Thank you for the owl awareness post Kate. Such beautiful birds! I loved the Flaco content too with the video embedded. I wasn’t aware of the back story.

  2. Hi Kate, thanks for the great post on owls. I was excited to see a Great Horned Owl in the wild for my first time this year! I think the International Owl Center is in Houston, MN and not Houston, TX though.

    1. Oh my gosh, Stacey! I had no idea there was a Houston in Minnesota. Correction made.

  3. Me neither- and I was disappointed that the Owl Center wasn’t going to be a quick afternoon visit 🙂

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