Why Do Bees Sleep on Flowers in Summer?

Bumblebee asleep on Jerusalem artichoke (photo from Wikimedia Commons)

7 August 2023

If you’re not on X formerly-known-as-Twitter, you missed this very informative thread about the reason why native bumblebees sleep on flowers in July (and August).

The thread was posted on 22 July by The Bee Guy @the_beeguy, Paul Handrick, in which he described the behavior of wild bees in late summer. It catapulted him to fame and prompted an article in The Irish Times about The Bee Sanctuary of Ireland, founded by Handrick and his wife Claire-Louise Donelan. It’s the only wild bee sanctuary on the planet.

Handrick’s information is very timely and, because I have yet to find it anywhere else, I have embedded @the_beeguy’s thread below. The social media platform X, formerly known as Twitter, is in flux so I don’t know how long his thread will be available. (I have noticed that it can take a while for the tweets to come in.) Read it while you can! It’s worth it.

And have a look at The Irish Times: The Wicklow couple with the world’s only wild bee sanctuary: ‘They are in trouble’.

(photo from Wikimedia Commons, tweets embedded from @the_beeguy)

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