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Turtleheads blooming in Schenley Park, 3 Sept 2023 (photo by Kate St. John)

9 September 2023

Seen this week:

Turtleheads and late boneset flowers at Schenley Park. Do you see the honeybee?

Honeybee flies to late boneset, Schenley Park, 4 Sept 2023 (photo by Kate St. John)

A rainbow with crows over Oakland.

Rainbow over Shadyside on 7 Sept 2023 (photo by Kate St. John)

Fiery sunset on 7 September.

Fiery sunset on 7 Sept 2023 (photo by Kate St. John)

Six deer in Schenley Park — only 5 made it into the photo.

Five of six does in Schenley Park along the Bridle Trail, 4 Sept 2023 (photo by Kate St. John)

But there’s a photo of deer I wish I’d been able to take: Friday morning 8 September along 5th Ave between the Cathedral of Learning and Clapp Hall I saw 3 deer — 2 does and 1 fawn — standing on the pavement at Clapp Hall. They were close to the curb of 5th Ave at Tennyson as they tried to figure out how to cross 5th Ave during rush hour.

(photos by Kate St. John)

p.s. Right now there are 2 flamingos in PA in Franklin County east of Chambersburg.

2 thoughts on “Seen This Week

  1. Those poor flamingos. The deer break my heart. We have them in yards here by the dozens, but only because Florida thinks that building housing development after development, and destroying acres and acres of land is the thing to do. 🙁

    1. Kathy, the deer in Pittsburgh have not been displaced by development at all. (The city was already fully developed about 100 yrs ago.) Deer trickled in about 20 yrs ago and never left. Deer are a prey species that naturally reproduce rapidly to compensate for predation. But there are no predators in the City of Pittsburgh so we have way too many deer. The deer population doubles every 2-3 years!

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