Migration! Arrivals & Departures, 14 Sep

Ovenbird, Oct 2020 (photo by Steve Gosser)

14 September 2023

Pittsburgh’s bird migration forecast looks great for three days in a row. Last night through Friday night will see a huge passage of birds overhead with excellent birding opportunities today, Friday and Saturday.

Here’s what migration radar looked like at 5:00am this morning.

Birdcast Live Migration screenshot for 14 Sep 2023, 5:00am

During this massive movement some species are departing, some arriving. Let’s take a look again at Birdcast’s regional list of Species On The Move, described in detail last month, to learn what we can expect to see.

Noticable Departures: Who Just Left?

Greater and lesser yellowlegs, April 2020 (photo by Lauri Shaffer)

Lots of species left recently but most of them were shorebirds. Since Pittsburgh doesn’t have a shore we rarely see those listed below. Occasionally a lesser or greater yellowlegs is reported but don’t expect to find one now.

Here’s a quick summary of rapid departures as of 14 September 2023 in a screenshot from BirdCast. Note that cedar waxwings are here right now but will rapidly depart around 27 September. Yellow-billed cuckoos on the list because I always hope.

pared-down screenshot of BirdCast Species On The Move, noticeable Last Departures, Upper Midwest & Northeast

Peak Influx: What will we see this week? Warblers!

Nick Liadis checking the age of an ovenbird, Sept 2022 (photo by Kate St. John)

For the Upper Midwest and Northeast region, 13 to 17 September is the peak of warbler migration.

I’ve featured the ovenbird because yesterday (last night!) was its peak influx point. No surprise then that Nick Liadis banded one yesterday at Hays Woods during Linda Roth’s 40 Acres a.k.a. Hays Woods Enthusiasts live stream. Check it out here.

And if you thought you’d seen a lot of magnolia warblers already, the next few days will be exceptional. They reach their regional peak influx on Sunday.

Magnolia warbler in autumn (photo by Steve Gosser)

Here’s a screenshot of the Noticeable Peak Influx as of 14 September 2023. Note the exclamation point next to magnolia warbler in the chart below!

pared-down screenshot of BirdCast Species On The Move, migration Peak by species, Upper Midwest & Northeast

With so many birds on the move, now’s the time to get outdoors. Be sure to check BirdCast for the latest forecast.

(photos from Steve Gosser, Lauri Shaffer, Kate St. John. Tables are modified screenshots from BirdCast’s Species On The Move for the Upper Midwest and Northeast. Be sure to check BirdCast for the latest data)

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