Safari at Hwange

24 January 2024: Day 6, Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe — Road Scholar Southern Africa Birding Safari. Click here to see (generally) where I am today.

Yesterday we went on a bird drive in Zambezi National Park. Today we drive to Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe for our first game drive. We’ll see many of the animals pictured above and listed below.

  • Lion
  • Elephant and zebra
  • Oryx (did not see this animal)
  • Greater kudu
  • Impala
  • Cape buffalo

During our tour the words Safari or Game Drive mean “Drive around and look for birds and animals.”

To give you an idea of what I’m experiencing I’ve included a promotional video from Road Scholar, created for one of their other African programs.

This is NOT the program that I’m attending. (The video is Program #3645, I’m on Program #21528.) However some of the locations and many of the experiences are the same.

Road Scholar safari program # in southern Africa

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