It’s Eaglecam Season in Pittsburgh

Hays bald eagles flying together, new male + female on 22 Oct 2023 (photo by Dana Nesiti, Eagles of Hays PA)

5 February 2024

Bald eagles in the Pittsburgh area have been courting since last fall and are ramping up to lay eggs this month. Now eagle fans can watch the action at two local nest sites: a much improved Hays Bald Eaglecam and three cameras at the USS Irvin eagles.

Back in December 2013 the Hays eaglecam was the first live broadcast of an eagles’ nest in Pennsylvania. Without local electricity and Internet, installer Bill Powers of PixCams had to hook up the camera to solar panels and the cell network. This meant the camera had to shut off overnight and go dark after snowfall. But not anymore thanks to help this winter from a neighboring eaglecam site 5.2 miles upriver.

The USS Irvin bald eagles started nesting in 2019 in a remote corner of USS Irvin Works near the Monongahela River. With help from US Steel their first eaglecam came online in 2021. This year that have three cameras viewing their nest and the surrounding area.

When plant manager Don German at USS Irvin heard about the Hays camera troubles he stepped in to help. Mary Ann Thomas writes in the Post-Gazette, “A U.S. Steel plant manager contacted Duquesne Light to install a transformer. They flipped the power on Friday [2 February].” Read more about the upgrade at U.S. Steel manager and Duquesne Light boost power to Hays bald eagle webcam.

Watch eagles online at two sites:

Hays Bald Eagle Nest Camera: The female eagle who nested at Hays in 2013 is still on site today, this year with a new mate nicknamed “V.” Watch them raise their first family together at these links.

USS Irvin Eaglecams: Irvin Plant’s resident bald eagles, “Irvin and Claire,” have three cameras on their nest. All three can be reached via this United States Steel Media Page or individually on YouTube:

This is the month! Who will lay the first egg? Watch and see.

(photo of Hays bald eagle pair by Dana Nestiti at Eagles of Hays PA on Facebook)

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    1. I don’t have any news of the eagles in Crescent Twp. Maybe one of my readers can fill us in.

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