In a Contest Which One Wins?

Two house sparrows: little bib, big bib (photos from Wikimedia Commons)

14 March 2024

Did you know that male house sparrows can tell who’s dominant by looking at each other from afar?

It’s in the size of the bib. Big bib dominates little bib.

Watch for this behavior at your feeder. Learn more in this vintage blog:

(credits are in the captions with link to the original photos on Wikimedia Commons)

2 thoughts on “In a Contest Which One Wins?

    1. Kurt, The nestbox at Gulf Tower had not been used for many years when it was removed in 2019 for masonry repairs. It was never reinstalled due to the pandemic shutdown in 2020 and the fire at Gulf Tower in 2021. [] Make-A-Wish offices are still on the former nestbox floor. They keep an eye out for the rare moment (about once a year for 10 mins) when a peregrine visits the building.

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