Watch for Hatching at the Pitt Peregrines’ Nest

Carla hunches over the eggs and seems to speak to them, 21 April 2024, 9:21am ()

21 April 2024

This morning Carla periodically hunched over the eggs, rocked her body and appeared to vocalize to the eggs. This is typical mother peregrine behavior when she hears a chick hammering on its shell.

While hatching is underway the parent birds can hear the chick peeping inside the egg and can hear it the hammering on the shell. Hatching itself takes many hours but the first step we’ll see is a pip, an air hole that the chick punches to begin the process. Richmond Falconcam FAQ explains how long it takes for the tiny bird to hatch:

Hatching is an energetically demanding process. The young chick uses its egg tooth, a small knob on top of its bill, to hammer a pip (hole) in the egg. It periodically works to break the egg around the pip area, but rests much of the time. The entire process from initial pip to hatch can take up to 72 hours. All the eggs in a Peregrine Falcon clutch generally hatch “synchronously” (within 24–48 hours for a clutch of 4).

Richmond Peregrine Falconcam FAQ

Watch for a pip at the National Aviary falconcam at Univ of Pittsburgh.

7 thoughts on “Watch for Hatching at the Pitt Peregrines’ Nest

  1. Hello, Kate. My name is Mary and I watching from Fort Wayne, IN the home of Moxie and Jamie and the parents of Carla S07.

    We used to be able to roll the Pitt falcon cam back in time so we could catch various goings on. It seems as though a change was made to the cam and was wondering if you knew what had happened and if it can be changed back?

    Thanks so much and for your excellent reporting!!

    1. Mary, the falconcam used to allow rollback, a function called DVR, but in early April many viewers complained that the camera wasn’t streaming. Ozolio (streaming provider) fixed it by turning off DVR on April 10.
      Here’s what the error looked like when DVR was on. Explanation of the error video: This is a screen capture of streaming taken on 4/9/2024 at 16:05 (4:05pm). Instead of live video the stream showed a nighttime still shot (4/3/2024 at 23:54) for 7+ seconds. Then it spun for a while, displaying a still from 16:00, then the older still shot again. Finally, after nearly a minute, it fired up the live stream. Most people didn’t wait for that minute to pass. Many complaints.

  2. Funny exchange between Carla & Ecco at 1PM. He came to relieve he she reluctantly got up off the eggs but like .com in front of them echupping t hi th while time woke meanwhile the chick was crying for some food I assume. Finally, Ecco left & Carla resumed laying onthe eggs.

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