The Tenants Are Famous

Sitting Room Nuthatch (screenshot from #GwylltHollow)

26 April 2024

Happy Friday! These unruly nuthatch tenants are now so famous that they were featured on BBC1 6 o’clock News on Wednesday. For added fun there was footage of the tawny owl babies (Strix aluco) who will soon take a look outside their nestbox.

Here’s @WildlifeKate to tell their story.

video embedded from @WildlifeKate

Watch the nuthatches on their own live stream at Gwyllt Hollow– Sitting Room Nuthatches. Follow WildlifeKate @katemacrae on X for updates.

p.s. to North Americans: Tawny owls don’t occur in North America but they are in the same genus as barred owls (Strix varia) whom they somewhat resemble.

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