Pitt Peregrine Status: One Chick Flew Yesterday

Two adults and one chick visible from Schenley Plaza, 2 June 2024, 4:45pm (photo by John English)

3 June 2024

Yesterday, 2 June, at 3:30pm I saw two Pitt peregrine chicks on the streaming cam so it appeared that neither one had flown. By the time I got to Fledge Watch at 4:30pm there was only one youngster on the nestrail and only one chick present when Ecco brought food.

If the other chick had been anywhere nearby he would have been front and center at the Sunday afternoon feeding. This was a very strong hint that he had flown.

Ecco feeds one chick on the nestrail while Carla looks on, 2 June 2024, 4:45pm (annotated photo by John English)

A second hint came when Ecco took away the prey about halfway through the feeding and flew it to the Fifth Avenue side of the Cathedral of Learning. The fledged chick was probably over there, but by the time I could walk to that side there was nothing to see. The fledged chick was probably sleeping off his feast on a high patio.

Fledge Watch is scheduled today for 11:30am-12:30pm at Schenley Plaza. If both chicks have flown I’ll cancel Tuesday’s Fledge Watch because they’ll be impossible to see without chasing them around the Cathedral of Learning.

UPDATE, 3 JUNE 2024 at 11:00am Both chicks have flown. The remainder of Fledge Watch is cancelled. Thanks to Jenna Burdette, who witnessed the flight of the second chick, we know it fledged at 7:00pm on Sunday 2 June.

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