Tiny Spotted Lanternflies Are Hatching

First stage nymphs of spotted lanternfly on grapevine, Pittsburgh, 29 May 2023 (photo by Christopher Bailey via Wikimedia Commons)

6 June 2024

When we think of spotted lanternflies we remember the flying adults that plague us from July through early autumn. But these annoying insects don’t start out in flying form.

In May-June their eggs hatch into tiny black nymphs, 1/4″ long, with white spots. If the nymph manages to pass through four instars it becomes a winged adult.

Black nymph spotted lanternfly at Phipps on 4 June 2023 (photo by Kate St. John)

On Monday 3 June, Bob Donnan saw a couple of the black-spotted early nymphs in Washington County, PA. Oh no! They’re already here. The tiny nymphs are hatching.

Smashing them doesn’t work. As Bob remarked, “They jump fast!”

Check out last year’s article on alternatives for trapping spotted lanternflies.

If fewer nymphs make it to the next stage we’ll have fewer annoying winged adults.

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