Juvies Say I Don’t Want To Grow Up

Juvenile Pitt peregrine whines for food at Cathedral of Learning on 2 June 2011 (photo by Nancy Weixel)

12 June 2024

Ever since both Pitt peregrine youngsters fledged on 2 June, their parents have been moving them toward independence. At first they supplied the juveniles with food just as they did at the nest, but within three days Ecco and Carla began showing and teaching them how to hunt. As the juvies gained hunting skills the adults reduced food deliveries to encourage the “kids” to hunt. Yesterday one of the youngsters missed those easy meals and was so loud that he attracted attention from the upper floors of the Cathedral of Learning. “Bring me food!” he whined, “I don’t want to grow up!”

Here are some video examples of this behavior filmed at other peregrine sites. Juvie peregrines all share this behavior.

“Hmmm. Maybe my parents can’t hear me. I’ll beg louder.”

embedded video by Herb Houghton on YouTube

“Maybe my parents can’t see me. I’ll open my wings.” … “Look! It’s me! I’m hungry!”

Juvie Pitt peregrine whines for food at Heinz Chapel, June 2011 (photo by Peter Bell)
embedded video by C&C Saladin on YouTube

“I can see my father over there but he’s not looking at me.” … “Hey! I’m over here. Don’t ignore me!”

embedded video by Greg Gard on YouTube

Juvenile peregrines are very loud and they can look pathetic.

Don’t be fooled, humans. It’s an act.

p.s. Injured peregrines are silent. They don’t cry or call because they don’t want to attract attention to their vulnerability.

One thought on “Juvies Say I Don’t Want To Grow Up

  1. Oh my gosh! they do sound pathetic. The last one brought my cat out from her hiding place to see what was going on! <3
    Enjoy the rest of your day, Kate!

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