Peregrine Update, 19 June

Hello, Blue! in front of the snapshot camera on 17 June, 5:28pm

19 June 2024

It’s been eleven days since my last regional peregrine update. Here are just a few of the sites. More to come in the days ahead.

Cathedral of Learning, Univ of Pittsburgh:

The juvies have made a lot of progress since 11 June when Liz Adams took this photo of one of shouting from the 32nd/33rd floor parapet. Such a lazy bird! On its belly demanding room service! It eventually flew away toward Carnegie Museum.

Juvie peregrine shouting from the parapet, 11 June 2024 (photo by Liz Adams)

This week both juvies harassed a crow at Bayard and Bellefield and chased their parents around the top of the Cathedral of Learning. By the time I snapped this photo they were out of the frame.

Cathedral of Learning, 16 June 2024 (photo by Kate St. John)

They’ve learned how to hunt at this point but it’s a lot harder than wheedling food from their parents. On Monday they figured out that Ecco hides from them at the nest so they both invaded. Ecco shouted and left immediately. See the slideshow of their antics.

Juvenile Pitt peregrines invade the nest, 17 June 2024 (photos from the National Aviary snapshot camera at Univ of Pittsburgh)

Downtown Pittsburgh:

On Monday morning 10 June PGC’s Patti Barber emailed that a Downtown juvie had been rescued from the ground and placed up high again. This Monday, 17 June, Matthew DiGiacomo heard a juvie peregrine calling overhead and posted this photo of it on Pittsburgh Falconuts Facebook page.

Juvie peregrine over Downtown Pittsburgh (photo by Matthew Digiacomo via Pittsburgh Falconuts on Facebook)

First, I heard the distinctive call. Didn’t take long to spot it soaring above the Forbes Avenue Garage.

Matthew Digiacomo posted to Pittsburgh Falconuts Facebook page, 17 June 2024

East Liberty Presbyterian Church, Pittsburgh: No photos available but Adam Knoerzer wrote yesterday, 18 June:

In E Liberty now — the young one was definitely flapping wings yesterday and exercising, and I can’t see a thing in the nest today. The female is perched much lower than usual today on the eastern face, and I wonder if perhaps the young one tried to fledge and is somewhere on a low roof.

The female is in a decidedly unusual spot for her — and she has some prey in her clutches but isn’t eating it. I did briefly hear vocalizing, but it wasn’t very long or intense.

I guess it’s possible that the chick is lying flat due to the heat or something, but yesterday it was pretty easy to see it anywhere due to its size.

— email from Adam Knoerzer, 18 June 2024, 6pm

West End Bridge, Ohio River: On 13 June Jeff Cieslak photographed a solo peregrine at the West End Bridge. It is banded Black/Green and appears to be “xC/20”. (The “x” means I can’t read that letter. Jeff digitally flipped the band rightside up.) Did I read the band correctly? Do any of you know this bird?

Banded peregrine at West End Bridge, 13 June 2024 (photo by Jeff Cieslak)

Rt 40 Bridge, West Brownsville, Monongahela River:

On 1 June five birders visited the Rt 40 Bridge to watch the peregrine family of four. When Fred Kachmarik visited on the 9th and 15th of June the two youngsters were doing well.

There is a 60% mortality rate among peregrines in their first year of life so the loss of a chick is, unfortunately, an expected outcome.

2 thoughts on “Peregrine Update, 19 June

  1. I believe we have a pair hanging out in the two Ginko trees near the corner of Wellesley Ave and North Highland Ave in Highland Park. They are very vocal. Merlin ID identified them as ‘Merlin’, but I am assuming they must be peregrines. The other day they chased our local hawk. I would love to join the falconuts page if someone could invite me.

    1. Caroline, it sounds like you really have a pair of merlins. How exciting! In the past few years they’ve started moving into the city limits. Way cool!
      Regarding Pittsburgh Falconuts I don’t think Invites work. [I’m not an admin.] Just ask to join the group but be sure to follow their instructions (copied below) or your request will be ignored. They are very strict.
      “When you request to join this group, you will be sent a welcome message asking you to read the rules of the group. Please read the Joining Agreement in the Files section.
      You MUST answer the 3 questions or your request will be ignored.”

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