Chipmunk Fight!

How often have you seen chipmunks peacefully browsing together? 

Not very often, and there's a reason. 

Chipmunks are very territorial.  They really don't like each other except as babies or juveniles who just left the nest.

I've seen chipmunks chase each other and tussle but they're so fast that I can't tell what they're doing.  

Last weekend Shawn Collins had his camera ready when two chipmunks went after each other.  And, yes, they were so fast it was hard to get a clear shot. 

Look at this flash of fur!  Ow!

Soon it was over and the loser ran away.

The victor remained for a parting portrait, the tumble of battle visible on his fur.


Not to another chipmunk!


(photos by Shawn Collins)

5 thoughts on “Chipmunk Fight!

  1. One year, maybe 2007, my cat went out and brought a chipmunk back. I disposed of it and she promptly went out and got another. They were fine, healthy animals but the cat didn’t eat them. An aside, at one time she used to like to go out after eating some cat food, get a mouse, eat it and come in for some more food. Those days are over. She is older and we have no mice.

  2. Great photos, Shawn, especially of the victor looking ready to take on all comers! Scrappy little things, aren’t they? We just replaced a section of sidewalk that cracked and sank after being undermined by chipmunk tunnels, so I wish they would stick to territories farther out in the yard.

  3. It appears that the victor was the one in the submissive position. Of course these are stills so that may have been for a moment.
    The victor has very distinct white lines around his(her) eyes.

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