Peregrine Season Highlights, 2010


The Pitt peregrines are at home but not particularly active.  Karen Lang and I consider it a good day when we see both Dorothy and E2 at lunch time, but it’s too cold to linger outdoors and watch them do nothing.

Six months ago we were having lots of fun tracking the “juvies” such as this one swooping off St. Paul’s Cathedral steeple.

To feed my peregrine addiction — and to provide the Aviary with some photos for their exhibit — I built a slideshow of 2010 Peregrine Nesting Season Highlights.

Watch the slideshow and feed your peregrine addiction.  😉


(photo by Peter Bell)

18 thoughts on “Peregrine Season Highlights, 2010

  1. Great slideshow, Kate! Thanks for posting it.

    We’ve been hearing the bald eagles in the morning (here in Tallahassee) and hope to catch a glimpse of them soon.

  2. Kate – a great retrospective of the season. thanks so much for all the work I know had to go into this selection of photos.

  3. Such a great slide show!!! Thanks so much, Kate. You do know that March is going to be here before we can turn around. I don’t know about you, but for me, 2010 simply vaporized.

  4. I’ll be making some Gulf highlights too… just didn’t have the clear “in focus” nestcam pictures there like I do for Pitt…. so there were fewer pictures to choose from.

  5. thanks, Kate.

    I nominate Louie from Gulf Tower as “Father of the Year”. If he hadn’t sat on Tasha’s (and his) eggs I doubt they would have hatched.

  6. What a wonderful gift for our hearts at this time of year of giving, thanks Kate for the wonderful picture memories. It is joy that I have met you and savor our short visits & meeting with others of our ilk that enjoy the falcons with you. I brag about your site to all my friends.

  7. I loved the slideshow Kate! I appreciate the wonderful photographs (thank you photographers) and the time spent creating it. Many thanks!
    Happy Holidays to all.

  8. Thanks Kate!

    Question re: winter and peregrine activity… I checked the Feb 2009 blog (since I didn’t discover you or the peregrines until late spring!) and I didn’t see anything regarding the big mutliday snow fall last February. I guess the fact that Oakland streets were horribly maintained during those 3-5 days didn’t affect Dorothy or E2… but what about all that snow? Do peregrines just hunker down in a niche somewhere and wait it out? How long can they go without food?

    Oh… and has there ever been a year when Dorothy hasn’t had a clutch since you started monitoring her?

    Thanks… looking forward to February!

  9. Anne Marie, If you checked the Feb 2009 blogs you were a year too early to see the Feb 2010 snow. Here’s a selection of snow & peregrine blogs from The Week of Snow last winter.
    When the snow first arrives, I’m happy:
    A walk in the snow & my slideshow about it:
    Oh no! I’m not as happy. More snow on its way!
    Steve Gosser sees courting peregrines in Tarentum:

    It was a real challenge to get to Oakland that week in Feb so I didn’t monitor the peregrines as much as I normally do. The peregrines were fine. They even visited the nest when the snow compacted a little — as seen on the slideshow.

  10. Great slideshow. As for the difficulty in making the GT slideshow, I’m sure the fact that the view was largely obscured by the weed forest before banding doesn’t help either.

  11. hah, my daughter was born on the morning of February 6th. Sorry to say that I was not thinking about any birds that week.

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