Speaking of Sparrows


Here’s a sparrow that’s migrating through our area this month.

This one is tricky to identify.  Can you tell what species this is?

Leave a comment with your answer.

(photo by Bobby Greene)

9 thoughts on “Speaking of Sparrows

  1. Well glad to know who has been at my feeder for past week or so. They love all the seed I put our, finch menu & sunflower seeds. But with those orange of whatever beaks they were a little different. Get some that looks like them but beaks are black. Just love anybody who comes by. They are not overly shy & I can stand at window for awhile & they will stay. Guess they are trying to fatten up for their trips. With the coloring on their wings they all look like faded finches to me but I am fairly new to bird IDs. Thanks for all this sharing. And I swear yesterday the crow I saw looked almost as big as a chicken. When I took garbage out he was yelling at me. He doesn’t have to stay around to entertain me but I guess its their time of year to be here. Oh well I’ll share (not much choice)!!!!

  2. Looks like a tan form or immature of the White-crowned Sparrow…I can tell this sparrow by the posture…it sits up compared to other sparrows…I have this one at my house…the one photo from Steve the white almost glows in the sun…headed out to mulch up all the leaves to make “black gold” for my gardens…don’t want them blowing away before the rain and winds come again..

  3. This is indeed a tricky bird. Marcy, Kelly and Dotty got it right. It’s an immature white-crowned sparrow. The first time I saw one I spent a long time looking at him. Finally his size, his unusual stand-up crown and the color of his bill tipped me off. It also helped that he was with adult white-crowned sparrows like the picture I showed on Sunday (Oct 16).

  4. One way I know for sure it’s the WCSparrow is the posture…it sits up STRAIGHT, like it’s proud and puffing out it’s chest…the other sparrows are kind of bent over…this is my first clue it’s is probably the WCSparrow if I can’t see the head…Sounds close to the White-throated Sparrow, but both the call note and song are kind of sharper sounding to me…not as sad sounding…Also, there are 2 races…Check the stipes leading to the pink beak..need to check and see which is which…but there is a difference in the striping and also the beak color for each race…got some mowing down and need to do some more trimming…getting windy and darker out…looks like rain soon…will be in tomorrow if the weather is what it’s supposed to be…and probably turning on the heat… ;>(

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