Water Feature

European starling enjoying the water line break (photo by Kate St. John)

On Memorial Day weekend my neighbors noticed a tiny leak coming from their retaining wall.  Within a day the leak had grown and caused the land to subside near the wall.  The city-water pipe is leaking from the area near their water shut-off.

Since then the leak has grown into a creek while we wait for the water company to dig up the street and replace the pipe.

The neighbors aren’t happy but the birds are loving it.  Grackles, robins, starlings, mourning doves, song sparrows, cardinals, and house sparrows visit the water feature every day.  They bathe and drink and run through the stream.

They’re the only ones who will miss it when it’s gone.

(photo by Kate St. John)

One thought on “Water Feature

  1. It rained a lot today but the water company came anyway and fixed the leak. No more water feature … other than heavy rain.

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