Bird Count News

Birders at Burgh Castle (photo by Glen Scott, Creative Commons license via Flickr)

Today there are two local Christmas Bird Counts:  Pittsburgh and the proposed circle at Imperial.

I want to count in both circles — especially since the Imperial CBC may find a snowy owl near the airport — but I’ve opted for Pittsburgh’s because I’ve counted on the same route in my neighborhood for 13 years.  I would hate to miss the history of it.

Back on December 15 the Allegheny Front radio show covered the Lower Buffalo Christmas Bird Count in Washington County Pennsylvania, organized every year by Larry Helgerman.  Click here to see and hear the news from Lower Buffalo’s count.  Congratulations, Larry!


(birders at Burgh Castle, Norfolk, UK. photo by Glenn Scott, Creative Commons license on Flickr)

p.s. If you get an out-of-synch double-audio effect at the link above, click the pause button on one of the two audio feeds.  The two feeds start automatically and are sometimes out of synch.

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