Thoughts For A New Year

Kate St. John with Florida Scrub-Jays (photo by Chuck Tague)

1 January 2014

Have you ever heard your own words and learned something new from them?

I’d forgotten about an interview I did five+ years ago (in 2008) on The Allegheny Front until I stumbled upon it last week while writing about the Lower Buffalo Christmas Bird Count.

In the four and a half minute interview I found some useful resolutions for the New Year:

“Go outdoors, look around, look up.  [Outdoors you’ll] get a view of things that are bigger than yourself. …  I find it very calming to see that life goes on despite whatever is going on in my head. Nature is still rolling.”

Click on the photo above or hear to listen.

(photo by Chuck Tague, audio by The Allegheny Front)

4 thoughts on “Thoughts For A New Year

  1. So true. We are each a part of a much bigger world. I wish for the new year to be aware of my self and the world I am a tiny part of.

  2. Happy New Year!! Looking forward to all the interesting articles and pictures you will be sharing with us!! Thank you so much!!!

  3. Kate, your life philosophy and attendant power of nature observation, brought together
    in your blog, have served to provide intellectual sustenance for so many interested folks
    with hungry curiousities. Wishing you a Happy New Year, and many more of the same,
    and keep on keepin’ on.

  4. That was a great interview–and wonderful world view, Kate! I really enjoy your blog every day. As a neophyte birder in the hills of Tennessee, I love learning from more experienced folks like you. Keep up the super work! Have a happy new year, too!!!

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