Beautiful Birds, 2013

What were your favorite birds of 2013?

If you’re from western Pennsylvania or northeastern Ohio, Steve Gosser’s six-minute video of favorites is likely to include a few of your own.

From the very public fight between a red-tailed hawk and a bald eagle to the elusive Virginia rail, Steve photographed all of them within a two-hour drive of Pittsburgh.


(photos and video by Steve Gosser)


5 thoughts on “Beautiful Birds, 2013

  1. What a wonderful video of Steve’s work. I enjoyed seeing many of the birds I was familiar with when I lived in Pittsburgh, and in Northwestern PA growing up. We also see the western variants of many of these same birds here in Northern California. This winter we have some fox sparrows visiting our feeding areas regularly, which is a treat. We also have the yellow warblers coming to our jelly feeders throughout the day. A Ruby-Crowned Kinglet has settled in for the winter here, and that is another first for us.
    I do wish Steve could come to the Central Valley and get some good photos of our Yellow-Billed Magpies! All of the photos I have seen online are poor representations of the beauty and personality of these birds. We have tried, but couldn’t get good shots with our limited camera equipment. It would be wonderful to see some better photos of these birds, as they live in such a limited area of the world. Fortunately we get to enjoy them here, but they are losing habitat very quickly, and we fear they may lose the battle for survival in the coming years.
    Thanks again for posting Steve’s work for us to enjoy! Happy New Year.

  2. This video made me very happy, while I’m feeling sad. The photos & video were so beautiful & made me feel inspired to photograph the birds around me (once I can get a new camera). Thank you both!!!

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