Nothing Can Go Wrong

What happens when you put a very smart parrot in the room with a voice-activated virtual assistant?

The owners of an African grey parrot named Petra also own an Amazon Echo, the tall black cylinder that activates a blue light when it hears the word “Alexa.”  Say “Alexa” and the computer carries out your command.

Here are three short clips of Petra with Alexa.  Above, “All lights on.”

“Tell me a fact” …

… and “lights off.”


What will happen next?    Um … Nothing can go wrong.


See more of Petra and Alexa on the PetraGrey YouTube channel.    Read more about Alexa here.

(videos from the PetraGrey YouTube channel)

2 thoughts on “Nothing Can Go Wrong

  1. Lol! Awww! So cute! They African Grays are Really smart. He/she’ll be controlling the whole house with that. I could only imagine what s/he’ll have that thing doing in time.

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