Goshawk in Slow Motion

Earlier this month we watched expert falconer Lloyd Buck fly his peregrine falcons in The World’s Fastest Animal on NOVA.  Here he is in a 6+ minute video putting a northern goshawk through her paces. Watch her perform in slow motion.

You’ll probably notice how similar the northern goshawk is to a peregrine falcon.  The two species aren’t closely related but they need similar skills to survive, so their bodies and actions are similar, too.  The difference is that the goshawk doesn’t dive on prey like a peregrine. The goshawk always chases.

p.s. The complete 53-minute video of PBS NOVA’s program on peregrine falcons — The World’s Fastest Animal — is viewable online at https://www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/video/worlds-fastest-animal/

(video from BBC Earth Unplugged on YouTube)

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