Pigeon For Lunch

SW carrying pigeon prey, Cleveland, Ohio in 2010 (photo by Chad+Chris Saladin)

13 December 2022

On Sunday at lunchtime I was reading at the kitchen table when my attention was suddenly drawn to an explosion of feathers outside my window. I had missed the hit (alas!!) but I saw a peregrine flapping away with its prize, heading toward the Cathedral of Learning. Even if I’d had a camera I would have missed the shot. It happened that fast!

Keystone carrying pigeon prey, 2017 (photo by Chad+Chris Saladin)

The feathers drifted slowly to the ground. Pigeon feathers.

Someone had pigeon for lunch.

(photos by Chad+Chris Saladin)

p.s. As partial compensation I saw a merlin at Schenley Park’s golf course at 2:42pm in a setting like this.

2 thoughts on “Pigeon For Lunch

  1. when I lived in Squirrel Hill, I saw a bird (falcon or hawk?) grab a pigeon from the eaves of a building. The pigeon was neatly tucked in as it was being carried off. It looked so strange, it was almost comical.

  2. We had a falcon tear one apart on the window sill of my work one day. Never saw may pigeons in oakland after that. Send the falcons to heinz field.

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