Turkey Day

Turkeys in a Pittsburgh backyard, 7 Nov 2023 (photo by Kathy Saunders)

23 November 2023

Wild turkeys (Meleagris gallopavo) are thriving in Pittsburgh’s suburbs. This flock of 14 feels right at home in a Kathy Saunders’ backyard.

Meanwhile, where have all the city turkeys gone? A decade ago they were easy to find in Schenley Park and Oakland but I haven’t seen one here in three years. This vintage article describes an impromptu Turkey Day at WQED when six came for a visit in November 2011.

Happy Thanksgiving!

(credits are in the captions)

5 thoughts on “Turkey Day

  1. I’ve been assuming that the deer overpopulation has stripped the city parks of the shrubby undergrowth that the turkeys want to live in.

    1. And you would be right, Sara. Deer & wild turkeys also compete for the same food (acorns, etc) so the wild turkeys leave.

  2. There used to be a lady at the end of Lydia street towards the Parkway hillside who would feed a flock of turkeys. I would see them when I parked at St Rosalia for Mass on Sat evenings. I don’t go to that Mass anymore so I can’t say they are still there. I assumed the flock lived over the hillside.

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