The Tenants Have a Family

banner from Gwyllt Hollow Sitting Room Nuthatches

17 May 2024

In early April WildlifeKate (@katemacrae) introduced us to a pair of Eurasian nuthatches (Sitta europaea) who were remodeling a nestbox she’d provided at Gwyllt Hollow in southern Wales.

The sitting room was beautiful before they yanked out the decorations, added mud to the walls, and filled the room with dried leaves up to the chair rail.

Before remodeling: screenshot from April 09 video from WildlifeKate at Gwyllt Hollow

Having built the nest to their liking the female laid eggs that hatched last Sunday 12 May. (yes there’s a rooster on the sound track.)

video embedded from WildlifeKate at Gwyllt Hollow

This pair now has a large and hungry family.

video embedded from WildlifeKate at Gwyllt Hollow

The chicks are growing fast. As of this morning their eyes are still closed.

Watch the live feed at Gwyllt Hollow – Sitting Room Nuthatches. See the adults hand off food to feed their growing the family.

NOTE: This live stream is 5 hours ahead of U.S. Eastern Time.

3 thoughts on “The Tenants Have a Family

  1. My sister wrote:


    All those mouths…they look like little trumpets!!
    Or trumpet flowers….

    And Mama- Whoa, lady, take it easy on those little guys.
    When she settles herself she goes at it in a bone crushing display of strength….

    And how she fed just one, and looked around at the gaping holes beneath her and said, well, that’s enough.
    Maybe the little guy will share, lol…

    What a trip.
    Thanks; it gave me a lift!

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