On The 4th: What Do Birds Think of Fireworks?

Fireworks in Rostov on Don (photo from Wikimedia Commons)

4 July 2024

Happy Fourth of July!

If the storms hold off tonight in Pittsburgh there will be splendid municipal fireworks and a host of homegrown displays thanks to Pennsylvania’s liberal law on consumer fireworks sales.

We know how to deal with our frightened pets. What does wildlife do while we are celebrating? Check out this 2013 vintage article.

2 thoughts on “On The 4th: What Do Birds Think of Fireworks?

  1. Dear Kate I have been thinking about the same thing. I hope all the pets and wildlife will be fine tonight and not run away and get lost or hurt. I have a dog and he is a inside dog. I myself don’t care for fireworks. I watch the osprey nest in Missoula Montana and they have 2 little ones. I hope they will be fine. Happy 4th of July.

  2. Same here. I’m not a fireworks fan. Lots of noise and bangs. Our beloved dog hated the noise as well. I too, worry about the wildlife.

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