Juvie Peregrine Stops By for a Visit

  • "Yellow" juvie peregrine stops by for a visit, 2 July 2024

5 July 2024

At the Cathedral of Learning the adult peregrines, Ecco and Carla, are staying close to home as they molt in the summer heat. Their two youngsters have been flying now for almost five weeks and are hunting on their own, widening their range until they disperse to peregrinate for two years.

Nowadays I rarely see the Pitt juvies so I was happy to discover that “Yellow” stopped by briefly on Tuesday 2 July as seen in the slideshow above. It’s been more than a month since our youngsters walked off camera. No one on the falconcam. So here’s a little video delight.

C&C Saladin recorded these youngsters at the Terminal Tower in Cleveland on 25 June. Almost a month younger than the Pitt juvies, these two had not fledged yet. C&C Saladin describe that they’re doing.

These two male juvenile peregrines, here at 36 days old, demonstrate their curiosity and their instinctive ability to track moving objects as they watch two barn swallows that were flying around and catching bugs near the nest ledge. They also demonstrate their distractibility, as each takes a moment to stretch. The slightly more developed (less downy) juvie stretches after the juvie on the left, also showing their imitative behavior.

— description from C&C Saladin on YouTube
embedded video by C&C Saladin on YouTube

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