Go Birding Today

Bird migration over the US, 27 April 2021, 4:45am (screenshot from BirdCast)

27 April 2021, 5am

If you live east of the Rockies and southwest of the Catskills you have to go birding today!

Songbirds migrate in the dark and last night was a busy one for them in eastern North America. We know this because weather radar can see birds in flight and BirdCast uses radar data to show where, when and in what direction the birds are moving in real time.

The map above is BirdCast‘s snapshot of migration at 4:45am today, 27 April 2021. If you live anywhere that’s yellow on this map get outdoors today!

I promised gray catbirds for last Sunday’s walk in Schenley Park but they hadn’t arrived yet. Did they come in last night? I’ll let you know.

Birding in Schenley Park, May 2019 (photo by Anne Marie Bosnyak)

Use BirdCast’s Migration Tools to plan your next birding adventure.

(screenshot of map from BirdCast; photo by Anne Marie Bosnyak)

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